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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Yes. We currently support and services home users and small to medium sized businesses throughout New Zealand.

You can call us on Free Phone (0800) 210 013.

We also have a 24/7 Emergency Service that you can call us on +64 21 458 929

Yes. We certainly do. All Gold Card members 65+ are given a 40% discount on presentation of their ID + Gold Card Membership Card. 

Yes. Due to COVID we have moved a majority of our business online as requested more and more by our customers. 

For hardware faults we can arrange to collect and drop off for a fee where remote support is not available. 


Emergency Questions

We have been asked this many times and is easier to provide a list of what is considered an emergency:

  1. You have been hacked
  2. You have lost access to your Social Media
  3. Computer or Laptop has crashed and you have a board report to recover and present
  4. Your Small or Medium business server is offline
  5. Your website is offline

This is just a few areas that we would consider an emergency.

If you are unsure call us to discuss.

Yes. This is due to us having to prioritise current work that we may be working on at the time to get your urgent call fixed in a timely manner.

Yes. Any emergency calls answered after-hours will incur an instant $57.50 fee + usual charges

Quick & Reliable IT Support

Our team work hard to make sure that our clients are our No.1 priority and give the best service and support we can.