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Who is NanoTech IT?

NanoTech IT is made up of a group of IT Companies started by our founder Joseph Morgan. NanoTech Computers, NanoTech Security & iRoam Studios. 

NanoTech Computers was the first of these companies that Joseph started as a teenager in 1995, building and servicing computers for home users and small to medium sized businesses.

We Offer A Full Line Of Services & Support For All Your IT Needs

Our Mission

To Provide Enterprise Support & Security to Every Home User & Small to Medium-sized Businesses.

“To become New Zealand & Australia’s No.1 ICT & Cybersecurity Company by Supporting and Empowering People.”

Our Vision

Core Values

  • Commitment to excellent and responsive customer service
  • Fostering cooperation and collaboration
  • Effective and efficient use of resources and time
  • Innovation and leadership
  • Accountability and Integrity

Joseph Morgan

CEO & Founder

Having grown up with technology as a young teenager in the early 90s, has led me to gain over 25+ years’ experience in the technology space.

Technology has evolved so much over this short space of time where Small to Medium Sized Businesses have had to adapt to a fast paced digital landscape where protecting their assets have become near impossible. Computers now are no longer bound to a desk and can exist anywhere on the planet when accessing their network. This shift has seen an increase to risk exposure as the Cybersecurity Threat Landscape expands, with the last 2 years adding to this risk due to the COVID-19 pandemic shifting our workforce from our traditionally safe environments to our home networks. Unfortunately this was/is a wakeup call for most Small to Medium Sized Business who were not ready for this shift. Here at NanoTech IT we are focussed on helping our Small to Medium Sized Business clients reduce their risk exposure, and strengthen their Cybersecurity Posture as we adapt to a more remote based workforce to future proof your business. If you want to talk more please book a one on one with me and let’s have a chat about how NanoTech IT can work with you.

Promise Courtney

Web Developer & Internet Marketer


My name is Promise Courtney, I am 19 years old and currently live in Brisbane, Australia.

I have a passion for technology and thrive on new challenges that are place in front of me.

I am looking forward to joining the NanoTech IT family and making a difference to the clients I work with by growing their Brands to drive continuous improvement.

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